Firefighters share their fireworks ban enforcement plan for Fourth of July

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 6:49pm

Before you get your hands on some 'world class fireworks', you may want to open your ears to some of the legalities involving the red white and boom. “The City Fire Marshall's office has folks out and they're looking for people bringing fireworks in. Of course, that's not going to catch everybody,” Asst Fire Chief Boyd Smith of the West Valley Fire Department said.

Smith wants to gently remind the public that fireworks of all kinds are banned in El Paso County.

"And sometimes the nudge is not quite as gentle as other times, but of course we're going to be as gentle as we can,” Smith explained.

The ban has been in place for three years and has been renewed every 90 days, "We've run a few brush fires here and there. Three or four maybe on the fourth of July as opposed to 50 or 60 so the ban has definitely helped us in that respect,” he said.

Fireworks have been knocked out of El Paso County, prompting some residents to make their purchases in New Mexico.

But be warned - "In order to pop fireworks on the New Mexico side we are requiring a permit,” Mayor Arnulfo Casteñeda of Anthony, NM told us. You'll have to throw down a few bucks before you use fireworks in the Land of Enchantment.

And if you're too bogged down with what might prevent you from otherwise displaying your patriotism.

"It's the best way to do it. Just go there and let someone else take care of it. Let somebody else buy the fireworks. Let somebody else clean up the mess afterwards. You just sit there and enjoy the show,” Smith said.

You can always catch one of the free fireworks displays throughout the county.


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