Fireworks sales hold steady in Dona Ana County

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 8:04pm

Fireworks vendors in Dona Ana County said they have seen a steady flow of customers looking to celebrate 2013 with bright colorful fireworks.

Planet Fireworks in Mesilla says they've seen a good amount of customers looking to buy all sorts of products ranging from sparklers to artillery shells.

"It's been about normal New Year's sales," said Jimmy Nevarez of Planet Fireworks.

Nevarez said sales increase on New Year's Eve.

There are different restrictions depending on where you live but vendors are only selling what's legal in the area.
With this being the last day of the season, vendors like Planet Fireworks are trying to get rid of everything they have.

"A lot of our stuff is left over from the 4th of July so we try to give some price cuts here and there," Neveraz said.

Doña Ana County Regulations:

Within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County, permissible fireworks are ground and hand-held sparkling devices, including: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)
1. Cone fountains
2. Crackling devices
3. Cylindrical fountains
4. Flitter sparklers
5. Ground spinners
6. Illuminating torches
7. Wheels
8. Novelty items
The following types of fireworks are non-permissible fireworks and their possession, sale, possession for sale and use is prohibited within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)
1. All fireworks prohibited under the New Mexico Fireworks Safety Act.
2. All aerial devices including:
a. Aerial shell kit-reloadable tubes
b. Aerial spinners
c. Helicopters
d. Mines
e. Missile-type rockets
f. Multiple tube devices
g. Roman candles
h. Shells
i. Stick-type rockets
3. All ground audible devices, including:
a. Chasers
b. Firecrackers
Fireworks shall not be discharged within:
1. One hundred fifty (150) feet of a fireworks retail sales location.
2. On state forestland, wild lands, or a Bosque.
3. A person shall not ignite fireworks within a motor vehicle or throw fireworks from a motor vehicle.
4. A person shall not throw ignited fireworks into or at a motor vehicle
5. A person shall not place or throw ignited fireworks at or near a person or group of people.
6. The discharge of fireworks on County roads and rights-of-way is hereby prohibited.




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