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Fireworks Vendor on ban: "We didn't get our fair shake"

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 8:44pm

County Commissioners have snuffed out the sale, use and possession of all kinds of fireworks. However, a businessman with the fireworks industry says they did not get their fair chance to compromise. They presented their ideas to commissioners earlier in the week.

"One of the packages that we did pass out to the County Commissioners was the selling days, second, third, and fourth of July," Fernando Viramontes, the Area Manager for TNT Fireworks told us.

"Unfortunately, we really feel that the conditions are such that any type of fire that is introduced to the environment unnecessarily, could cause a situation that none of us want to be in," Ruben Vogt, the Public Policy Director for the County Judge explained.

The county has been citing an index that shows El Paso as the driest county in the Lone Star state. "We are in a severe drought, things are dry, we obviously have had no rain," Vogt said.

However, Viramontes said, the ideas he brought to commissioners took all these factors into consideration. "It was just at least something that would at least keep us in business and not totally shut us down," he said.

But all of them were shut down and Viramontes explained further the county isn't considering the wellness of all their citizens. "I keep hearing that well it's for the citizens and the safety of the citizens, well guess what, we're businessmen who are citizens of this county also," Viramontes told us.

County officials also told us first responders such as firefighters are backing up their declaration. If you are caught with fireworks you could be fined up to $500.


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