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First indoor shooting range opens in El Paso

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 8:36pm

Gun owners in El Paso can now practice at the city's  first indoor firing range. Sportsman's Elite, a local gun shop, opened its doors today, following a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. The facility offers 14 shooting lanes.

Following the recent mass shootings in Connecticut, which sparked a national gun control debate, Sportsman's Elite says the public has shown great interest in the new store

"We're getting a great reception from everyone who comes in. Even when we were setting this up, people were knocking on our door, wanting to see what we were up to, if we were open," said one of the store's owners, Michael Perkins.

Perkins encourages the public to become better educated about guns, especially in light of recent tragedies. He says this new facility provides a safe environment for shooters to focus on perfecting their skills and becoming responsible with their weapon.

"We are teaching all ranges of shooters the importance of firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. Regardless of what the government does, people still have guns and they're going to want a place to shoot them and that's where we come into play," he said.

Many parents brought their kids to the shooting range today. One West El Paso dad said he is thrilled there's a place he can practice his hobby, while educating his son about proper gun use.

"You can teach them the safe use of a gun. and the consequences of handling a gun. Having this hobby, coming here in a very safe and secure environment, absolutely. I love it," he said.


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Andress High School has had an Indoor shooting range on campus since the 80's when I was a student there. EPCC has an indoor range at its Mission Campus. So how can you say this is the first indoor range in El Paso?

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