Ghost chaser investigates KDBC's allegedly haunted basement

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 12:07am

Many places around town are believed to be haunted and the basement of our KDBC studios is one of them.

For many years, there have been reports from staff members of ghosts and spirits lurking the halls, and faint voices coming from the dark basement.

Local4News decided to bring in an expert, who investigates paranormal activity to check it out.

There were some chilling moments down in the KDBC studios' basement Wednesday night as Clinton Herzik, a paranormal investigator and ghost chaser came to visit and look into claims that the basement is haunted.

He used several different gadgets and gizmos, like an infrared light camera and motion detectors to spot any ghosts or spirits roaming around - and even took pictures.

Herzik encourages critics of his work to go out and try it for themselves.

"Myself, as well as my investigators, are always more than willing to take lie detector tests and to submit our evidence to anyone to scrutinize. There's certain types of software out there that can detect if audio or video or pictures have been doctored in any kind of way and our stuff will pass the test," said Herzik.

The ghost chaser said he heard the voice of a woman claiming she was killed here in the basement and also spotted a ghost mist in a picture he snapped.

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