Group advocates for marijuana legalization

Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 6:17pm

The use of drugs and its regulation continues to be an international controversy, while most countries like Mexico deal with killings and violence, a group of El Pasoans is now asking the public to reconsider its legalization.

"The drug war has failed, I mean the violence in Mexico is horrible, in the United States the cost in terms of young people when they're arrested, they lose their grants, they can't find jobs I think we have to be very realistic and start talking frankly" El Paso resident and Libertarian Party member Jaime Perez.

According to some research presented by the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws cannabis is a safer substance than any other drug substance legal or not, the movement argues that legalization would bring many benefits

"Nobody has died of this product for many years it's been used for medicinal purpose as far back as history can go" El Paso resident Angel Perez said.

"if we legalize in the U.S. States we'll curve that demand so we should really consider that because a black market is just a free for all, there's no control, there's no way to control it" NORML Executive Director Cheyanne Weldon said.

For legislators that participated in the border conference, talking about legalization is a valid discussion although there are still many concerns.

"the conclusion of the panel was that this is inevitable, this is the direction in which the United States is headed, they're expecting the state of California to take a vote on this issue either next year 2014 or 2016" State Senator Jose Rodriguez said.

The group says the effort of informing and sharing their thoughts will continue until more people support the movement.

"Even if you can't see cannabis as a benefit you have to at least see that prohibition is a failed policy that’s not addressing the concerns is set up to" Weldon said.


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There are good people out there that normal meds do not help but this can. I think Texas should think about changing the laws so some of uf can get the help we need. I am one of these people and live with a lot of pain every day. Please El Paso and Texas think.

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