Gun control debate continues; El Pasoans weigh in

Monday, January 14, 2013 - 10:03am

All eyes will be on Washington as lawmakers discuss potential new control measures aimed at curbing gun violence.

Vice President Joe Biden heads up the Gun Task Force. The gun package he will present to President Barack Obama proposes banning military-style assault weapons, the sale of high capacity ammunition and universal background checks. Experts say background checks are not implemented at gun shows.

Residents we spoke with agree that gun control measures need to be enforced but don't agree with eliminating the second amendment altogether.

"There definitely should be regulations. It's a very important matter but, I mean, I do agree that there should be restrictions, I mean that sounds reasonable. I mean just as long as we are able to maintain some kind of gun control as well," Levi Lane of Central El Paso says.

The NRA and some lawmakers are against banning military-style assault weapons and the sale of high capacity ammunition. However, much favor has been expressed towards universal background checks.

The Vice President and the President are set to meet tomorrow.


Reader Comments

I have bought many guns and always there is a background check at Gun Shows. You have to call in and check with the government before you can even buy a new gun, so this is redundant. As far as High Capacity Ammo, what do they mean by that? Hunting ammo is high Capacity.. It is just a way to try and control what law abiding people have. The illegal gun owners are going to get what they want. they will have someone reload their ammo, cause guess what, they do not care if it is illegal or not.

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