The Gun Debate: The 2nd Round

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 11:37pm

No one ever expects a thief to walk up to them, but that's exactly what happened to Chrissy Segaline one afternoon.

She was getting ready to head out in her car, kids and purse already inside. That's when Segaline caught a guy stealing her purse.

"I told him to stop," she said. "If I had a gun maybe I could have yelled freeze, but he took off and Iran after him".

She dove into the window of the car the thieves were driving.

"I was telling the driver slow down I'll get out and I just had to get out," Segaline said.  "So I was dragged he ran over my leg and I was just left there on the street".

That day she ended up with a 14 -inch gash on her head and 30 staples.
All in the name of protecting her family.
But it could have ended worse.

"I think it's very important for a woman, especially a mother, to be able to protect her family and her kids," she said.

It's that instinct that both unites and divides us.

"I would say as far as placing a gun in a child's hand absolutely not," said parent Jayel Moreno. "Showing them the gun safety absolutely. You don't need to place a gun in a child's hands to teach them it's a dangerous weapon".

"The big danger of kids around guns is when people refuse to let their kids see them."

"In my CHL class we teach education above restriction, although they should be restricted from children, if they know about them, they won't do something foolish, with a little bit of luck".

Jayel Moreno has two boys 7 and ten years old.
She doesn't keep guns for protection because she's afraid something bad might happen.

From the other side, parents come just as passionately.

Jeff Omspaugh is a Concealed Handgun License holder and believes ignorance puts children in danger.

"When we're 8,9 years old, you say you're not allowed to look at this, what are you going to do?," said Omspaugh. "You're going to get a chair, climb up and look at it. They don't know what it is and that's when people get hurt. They accidentally kill their best friend because they haven't been taught,".

The answer, perhaps, is somewhere in the middle.

"Definitely think it's best if you're going to own guns, your children need to know at least how they work," said Shane Koch, a concealed handgun license instructor. "Because you know as well as I do, if they want the guns, they're going to get them".

Whether that means teaching kids how to use guns, or teaching them to never touch them, parents are passionate about gun control.

That's why Segaline is scheduling her concealed handgun license class.

"It ended well this time, but it could have been different," Segaline. "I was lucky. The bad guys will always be getting guns and you want to at least level the playing field and have a fighting chance," Segaline said.

A fighting chance, she said, is worth aiming for.


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