The Gun Debate: Part 1

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 12:00am

Since the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, that killed 20 children, the debate about guns and gun control has grown even more heated.

Local 4 News explores the laws and loop holes.

"If i wanted to buy a gun, I could buy a gun easily and I am a convicted felon".

That's what "Terrell" tells Local 4 News.

terrell didn't want to be on camera and asked that a false name be used instead of his own.

He's a former El Pasoan who says he committed a felony when he was young, but that's not stopping him from keeping the ones he loves safe.

"I lost my right to vote and I also lost my right to possess a firearm, but when it comes down to the fact of protecting my family and my own, I will always without a doubt possess a firearm," Terrell said.

It's that loophole, many times, that may have weapons landing in the wrong hands. Terrell said the newspaper and person to person sales are the "best" way to avoid the law.

There are no background checks or waiting periods to buy a gun off of the street, but to buy one from a federally mandated firearm dealer, like a gun store, you have to go through one of the nation's most rigorous, in-depth background checks. Form 4473.

shane koch
"You will not walk out of here with a weapon without going through an FGI background check and there's nothing legally binding, stopping you from walking out in the parking lot and buying one from someone, said Shane Koch, manager at Sportsman's Elite gun range and store in El Paso. "Generally any person to person sales are legal. If you sell a gun to your next door neighbor, how do you know he's not a felon?".

Just weeks ago, President Barack Obama proposed legislation on private or 'person to person' gun sales.
That means a background check would be required for all gun purchases.
How would that be enforced, when many people are already confused about gun laws?

"Unfortunately by the law, a regular no handgun sign that you would buy at a garage sale a handgun with a slash through it, is not legally binding," Koch said.

 … he'll find a way… and he's not the only one.

Wednesday, Local 4 News airs The Gun Debate: The Second Round


Reader Comments

I raised three kids and we had a lot of guns in the house. They never tried to play with them and never talked to their friends about them. I am sure that if the parents are vigilant and teach their kids about guns there will not be any accidents! I am also a retired Law Enforcement Officer.

As a former journalist I have to say that this piece was easily put together. I guess it is part of a series so I won't be too harsh. FYI I also think a gun story should actually have video and sound of a gun firing... my two cents.

I have raised three girls and a son around guns all their lives. There has never been an accident. Even their friends love shooting. My youngest daughter at age six shot and killed an antelope. Last year she got a deer. This summer we are going to Mozambique to hunt plains game. Never has she or my other kids and their friends been afraid of shooting. Safety first is the most important thing you need to know when handling firearms.

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