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Eating Off Of A Toilet? Mall Food Court Food Trays Have Just As Much Germs As Toilet

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 6:37pm

VANCOUVER, CANADA— A person daring enough may lick a toilet seat— and while many may think this is disgusting, a recent study showed a toilet seat hosts just as many germs as a food tray.

A Canadian investigation revealed some pretty gross data after a CBC reporter took swabs from plastic trays at three different mall food courts and a swab from a gas station toilet.

A microbiology professor at the University of British Columbia conducted the testing, and found that while the trays had different forms of bacteria, the trays had some pathogens that can cause infection.

The general manager of two of the malls said the trays are disinfected every night, and are also wiped down in between uses. So far, there hasn't been an incident.

Microbiologist Dr. Bob Hancock said the amount of bacteria is significant, but was unlikely to cause any illnesses in someone with a healthy immune system.


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