Pain Awareness Month

EL PASO - September is pain awareness month. "I have had days where I was almost pain-free which on a scale of 1 to 10 for me would be about a 4."


EL PASO - Laughter as medicine. "The endorphins help aid depression and creates a feeling of peacefulness in the body. You feel great after laughing."

A Local Cosmetic Surgeon Performs Breast Augmentation on a 68-year-old Woman...

EL PASO - A local cosmetic surgeon reports a growing number of "mature" women interested in well... growing.

Young at Heart

EL PASO - Everybody does it... including grandma and grandpa... we just don't like to talk about it. A rise in the STD rate among senior citizens emphasizes the need for sex-ed to promote healthy living during those golden years.

Plus Size Caskets

EL PASO - A tisket, a tasket, an oversized casket. "This is 30 inches inside width and this one is 38 inches inside width which is better than 14 inches wider than the standard casket."

Swinging into Shape

EL PASO - After putting up with the daily grind... some women unwind by winding around a pole. "Just name a profession and they've been here. Name an age...I think the most mature lady we had was 65 years old."

A Sign of the Times

EL PASO - More parents teaching their hearing children sign language when baby's first words can't come soon enough.

Six Students Killed At Chinese School

BEIJING (AP) - A state news agency says a man has stabbed and killed six pupils at a school in Fujian province in eastern China.

Canutillo Elementary Holds Olympics For Students

Dozens of local students had the chance to show off their talents and have fun at the same time. Canutillo Elementary held its first-ever young athletes olympics, sponsored by Special Olympics.

IRS Building Evacuated

Hazardous materials crews have been called to an Internal Revenue Service building in Ogden, Utah.

New Teen Health Center Opens

A new teen health center is now open in west El Paso. The Sierra Providence Teen Resource cCnter offers free pregnancy testing, doctor referral services as well as a medicaid program.

First Lady Begins Fight Against Childhood Obesity

WASHINGTON (AP) - First lady Michelle Obama is launching a nationwide campaign against childhood obesity. It's part of her effort to teach America's children about better nutrition and exercise.

Fighting the Flu

Texas schools are teaching its kids to fight the flu in a whole new way.

Swine Flu Vaccines

According to Public Health Director Michael Hill, since April of 2009, there were 805 cases of H1N1 flu with 17 fatalities in El Paso.

Fake Doctors

Houston -- The problem of people pretending to be licensed medical professionals is a nationwide one. Some people think that the lack of medical insurance is one reason some people seek these fake doctors.