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Holiday shopping continues; Small business Saturday in the borderland

Saturday, November 30, 2013 - 6:56pm

The holiday shopping season continues in the borderland. Today hundreds of El Pasoans visited small businesses and the Famers-Art market in Downtown El Paso to buy more gifts.

Shoppers are still taking advantage of special sales and offers during the holidays.

"They’re great there's very talented El Paso artist’s great food and different stops so it's a full lot of fun," El Paso resident Scott Walker said.

Music, art, food, and clothes were just a blink away. Some customers said shopping in an environment like this one was much more enjoyable than at big stores.

"The weekend after thanksgiving is a really good day for the art market people are in town looking for something to do hopefully they've done all their Black Friday shopping and the weather's perfect," Market Vendor Candy Mayor said.

According to market-business owners competing against big retail stores can be hard but the season also brings an opportunity of sales success.

"The sales response has been great because they're buying fresh products you can find almost everything besides everything's local," Market Vendor Marcelino Lozano said.

Other customers decided to wait to spend their money in local businesses.

"We waited to do our shopping in our local businesses we skipped Black Friday because it stays here it’s just easier to help a local community and not the big businesses and you know it’s going somewhere safe," shopper Adriana Gallegos said.


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