Jeffrey Farrey indicted in El Paso Courtroom on Injury to a Child charges

Courtesy EPPD
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 5:41pm

Jeffrey Farrey, father of the missing 5-month-old who is presumed dead, was scheduled to be in front of a jail magistrate judge Thursday morning. However, that hearing never happened. Jeffrey Farrey was indicted in Marcos Lizarraga's 168th Judicial District Court on Wednesday afternoon on charges of Injury to a Child.

The indictment, obtained by News Channel 9, says that Jeffrey "intentionally and knowingly, by omission, caused serious bodily injury to 5-month-old Jackson Farrey, by failing to provide medical care for Jackson Farrey" The indictment goes on to state that Jeffrey had a legal duty to act as a parent to provide medical care for Jackson.

The four paragraph indictment accuses Jeffrey of failing to provide care, control, protection, and failing to provide medical care to Jackson Farrey.

Following the indictment on Wednesday, Jeffrey will be seen in the 384th District Court, by Judge Patrick Garcia. As of Thursday morning, the 384th District Court Clerk did not have any future hearing dates for Jeffrey's case.

Jenna Farrey, Jeffrey's wife, is still being held in the El Paso County Detention center on a probation violation stemming from a previous child endangerment charge of the couple's older son, Blake. There are no scheduled court hearing dates for Jenna at the present time.

Blake Farrey, the couple's older child is still in the process of being transferred from the custody of Michigan CPS back to El Paso CPS according to spokesman Paul Zimmerman.

As we've reported, the body of an infant was discovered in the desert outside of Orogrande, NM on November 20th. Jeffrey Farrey's attorney, Joe Spencer, said in court that Jeffrey led authorities to that location. The infant was reportedly buried in the desert for up to a month before the discovery of the body.

The baby's body was taken to the University of New Mexico for an autopsy, and the results are not expected for up to 90 days.


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