Little girl found after wandering streets in San Elizario

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 11:29pm

El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies found a five year-old girl from San Elizario wandering the streets at the intersection of Thompson and Stubbs around 2pm Thursday afternoon. She was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear, and had no shoes on.

According to Sheriff's Deputies, she was left unattended by her 23-year old sister, who was supposed to be watching her, while their mother was at work.

"I was coming home from work and I saw a little girl running. But she was like running into the street and I got nervous and I pulled over," said Crystal Garcia, a woman who found the girl in her neighborhood.

A mother of three, Crystal says her maternal instincts kicked in when she saw the five year-old about to get hit by a car. The little girl told Crystal her name was Eileen.

"You could see on her little feet, they were some blisters on it. I had bottled water in my truck and I gave it to her and she finished it like really really fast. She was even sweating," said Garcia.

According to Sheriff's Deputies, Eileen was dehydrated.

Her 23 year-old sister later told Deputies she let Eileen go to the park alone, and that's when the girl walked the blistering hot pavement for an unknown period of time.

"It's very upsetting to know that this little girl was unsupervised," said Chris Acosta, spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office.

Without a moment of hesitation, Crystal took Eileen to her house, and called police.

"I hold her in my hands and she wasn't afraid. She wasn't afraid but she will hug me like, maybe she thought she was safe with me," said Garcia.

"With this heat, even us adults can get dehydrated very quickly, so can you imagine a little person without shoes?" said Acosta.

"Where was the mother? I mean she's a little girl, even though she says she's five, I don't think she's five, I think she's smaller than five," said Garcia.

Deputies took Eileen to the hospital for a check-up when Garcia turned her over. They say the girl is now in Child Protective Services.

The investigation continues and charges are still pending.


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