Loved ones remembered at Veterans Park

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 10:54pm

Veterans Day saw hundreds of people visit Veterans Park in Las Cruces Monday to recognize and honor loved ones.

Some carried flowers to display under the names inscribed on plaques along a wall.

"I can remember the men that sacrificed our lives for everybody," said Tim Watts, an Army veteran who served in the Persian Gulf War.

Watts very emotionally stared at the American flag displayed at the park and reflected on the sacrifices he along with other veterans have made for their country.

I see the blood and tears but that's the best flag," Watts said.

Watts remembered the oil fires in the war and says he now has asthma as a result.

After an 8-month deployment, he also recalls the excitement he and others shared when a cease fire was called.

"We were happy," Watts said. "I remember my mom crying that we weren't going to come home but we came home."

Now at least a couple of times a year and on Veterans Day, Watts and his wife visit Veterans Park to honor those he fought alongside with as well as his father.

Lawrence Watts was in the Air Force during the Korean War and passed away on Veterans Day.

"13 years ago today, I had to bury my father and that is the hardest part today for me," Watts said emotionally.

During his visit to the park Watts also reflected on his time overseas and the hardships they endured.

"It's very difficult cause you can remember the times you went through and you can remember seeing all your buddies die," Watts said.

The Army veteran pointed out names of those he knew and said they never left anybody and is proud to have served his country.


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