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Medical examiner found 30 bruises on dead adopted boy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 9:47pm

Max Shatto, a 3-year-old child adopted from Russia by a Texas couple, had more than 30 bruises on his body in various stages of healing when he was pronounced dead on January 21, according to an Ector County medical examiner's autopsy report obtained by CNN.

Last week, the grand jury in Ector County declined to indict Laura and Alan Shatto, Max's adoptive parents.

District Attorney Bobby Bland said the grand jury found no evidence to charge the Shattos.

The autopsy said the cause of death likely was accidental. The medical examiner attributed Max's death to a laceration of a small bowel mesentery artery because of blunt trauma to the abdomen.

In the report the medical examiner's office writes that the parents had told investigators that Max had a history of "banging his head on the bathtub, throwing himself down, holding his breath and clawing himself."

Russian officials have accused the parents of killing the boy. The Russian government passed a law in December banning adoptions of Russian children by Americans.


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