MO: 3 Injured in Flight Turbulence

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 8:21am

Emergency vehicles met a plane at St. Louis' Lambert International Airport Tuesday night.
Officials say the US Airways flight from Charlotte, North Carolina landed here after it hit major turbulence north of Nashville, Tennessee, injuring three.

Passengers were seated at the time, but flight attendants were not.
A passenger says a flight attendant hit his head on the ceiling, while a female attendant fell to the cabin's floor. The passenger says drinks spilled everywhere, seat cushions flew around the cabin, and the captain announced they'd experienced a two-thousand-foot drop in altitude in just seconds.

The flight attendants were examined on the scene and released, while an injured passenger was taken to the hospital. US Airways said the plane would be checked out to see if there was any damage.   


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