Mother legally abandons newborn at hospital

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Friday, May 31, 2013 - 2:43pm

A Las Cruces mother abandons a newborn at a hospital.

Police say a 24-year-old woman walked into Memorial Medical Center around 2 a.m. Thursday morning and told hospital personnel something you don't hear everyday.

"She wanted to turn over the baby to their custody that she did not want her child, that she had just given birth to," said Las Cruces Police PIO Danny Trujillo.
The newborn was only five hours old when the women relingquished custody of her. Police say she gave birth on the New Mexico State University campus.

"They can relinquish custody of a newborn as long as the child is not older than ninety days and as long as the child has never been harmed," said Trujillo.

The hospital then contacted the Las Cruces police who confirmed she did not break any laws.

"Some of the other cases that we've seen over the years, not just LCPD, but other law agencies, have obviously not turned out as well," said Trujillo.

LocalFourNews reached out to our facebook fans for reaction.

Patricia Mcdaniel said “I say don't judge anyone until you've walked in their shoes. It's so easy to judge until it actually happens to you.”

Becky Lopez says obviously the mother realized she wasn't fit to raise a kid & decided to give him/her the option of a better life.

And Raquel Miranda said: “She didn't abandon the baby. She left the baby with professional medical staff. Abandonment would be leaving the baby in the trash/park etc., or somewhere unattended."

Trujillos said this story has hope, unlike many other stories of abandoned children.

“The fact that the child will be safe and will hopefully go to a loving home. That's a good thing," said Trujillo.


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