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AT&T hiring in El Paso

AT&T is looking to hire more than 3,000 retail employees nationwide, 46 of which will be open in the El Paso area.  The company plans to hire the retail sales and sales management employees over the next several months.  The compa

Tijuana cop to face U.S. federal court after heroin, meth arrest

A Tijuana, Mexico, police officer will appear in a U.S. federal court next week after being arrested on a charge of possession with intent to distribute almost 20 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine.

Save your tax refund, win the lottery

By saving a small chunk of your tax refund, you could hit a 25-thousand-dollar jackpot. The nonprofit, Doorways to Dreams fund, has created a new lottery to encourage people to save rather than spend.

Letter reveals past NSA spying on U.S. citizens

A letter from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sheds new light on NSA spying on Americans. The letter to Senator Ron Wyden was posted online by the Washington Post.

Burglar stuck in a tough spot during break-in

A North Carolina man has been arrested and charged with burglary after getting stuck in the ventilator shaft of an Arby's for nearly ten hours.

Secretary of Army: 'Take back your Army' from sexual predators

"Take back your Army from those who harm or assault our Soldiers. Take back your Army from those who ignore the values and who stain our honor. Take back our Army from those who fail to lead," said Secretary of the Army John M.

The Internet's best April Fools gags

 A new digital map helps you find the Pokemon among us.

Army medic honored as 'angel of battlefield'

An Army medic was recognized for rushing into an intense firefight to help other Soldiers, despite having just suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Cutting it close: Pa. man survives accident that put chainsaw into his neck

The calendar said March, but Monday clearly was Valentine's day -- James Valentine, to be specific -- when the 21-year-old Pennsylvania man survived a work accident that sent the razor-sharp teeth of a chainsaw blade deep into his neck and

New study: Only calorie count matters when trying to shed pounds

Three meals, five meals -- this new study says throw all those meal counts out the window. It says the only count that should matter is the calories.

Bill Clinton parodies wife's epic photo

In a photo posted from Bill Clinton's Twitter account just after midnight on Tuesday, the former President is sitting in a military airplane, reading some kind of device and sporting a pair of sunglasses. Look familiar?

Cost of professional baseball games on the rise

Baseball season is underway, but as you head out to the ol' ball game this year, you may notice an uptick in prices.

MH370: Family of newlyweds aboard missing plane 'still waiting'

It's been more than three weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished. The search for the plane continues, even though authorities have said no one aboard survived.

Take a tour of the 'doomsday Disneyland'

Guardian Centers may be a place to practice how to respond to a disaster, but that doesn't mean real danger is nonexistent.

Bacon and dentures: Weird trash hits UK beaches

From craggy cliffs to broad sandy beaches, Britain is rightly proud of its thousands of miles of shoreline.