NFL playoffs mean big sales for local sports businesses

Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 10:24pm

It's wild-card weekend for the NFL and football fans are gearing up here in El Paso. With all the extra fan excitement, local sports bars and shops are seeing their sales pick up.

 the wild card games are over and done with, but for businesses that profit off of these games, things are just starting.
"We can probably get close to capacity if it is a really good game."

Pablo Lujan is the manager of Border City Ale House in east El Paso.

While he says business is good year round, during football season and especially the playoffs, his sales are through the roof.

"On the days of football games, it definitely probably doubles the normal sales at least,” he said. “If it's a big game, it more than doubles. It's a pretty big increase."

During today's Colts win over the Chiefs, fans say it's the sports bar environment that draws them out to watch the games.

"We are just looking for a place to hand out and have a couple of drinks, get with other colts fans,” Rocio Gutierrez said. “There is not a lot of us out there in the city. But we get together and come root for our team."

And it's not just bars that benefit from playoff games. Sport Xplotion, in east El Paso, also sees an increase in sales.

Manager Charlie Moreno says, compared to baseball, basketball, and other sports, football sales are their main source of income.

"Nothing compares to the NFL,” said Moreno. ‘It is the cream of the crop. It beats out other leagues by a long shot."

Back at border city ale house, they're preparing for tomorrow's games.

Whether your team is in or out, won or lost, as Lujan puts it, everyone is a winner when football is on.

"it is a good time of the year, football season."

Both Border City Ale House and Sport Xplosion say that when the super bowl comes, they expect business to almost double again.
The divisional playoffs continue next weekend and the super bowl is coming up in a little over a month. 


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