Nine foot tall statue gaining a lot of attention in Arizona

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 8:22am

An artist in Northern Arizona is in a fight with the county where he lives.

That's because the metal statue in his yard depicts a nine-foot gargoyle but the problem is the gargoyle statue has no pants.

Artist David Smith just moved into this small neighborhood in Paulden, Arizona and he brought his nine foot tall meal gargoyle with a wingspan of 13 feet with him, but county leaders say his neighbors don't like it and think he needs to take it down.

It's not the size of the whole statue that has the county up in arms.

It's the size of something else, and let's just say it is in proportion to a man nine-feet tall.

The sculpture is a full-frontal display of a nude male gargoyle.

David says the statue was at his Phoenix home for six years and nobody complained, but now if he doesn't take it down he could face a $1,000 fine.


Reader Comments

This is a beautiful piece of art that should not be offensive to anyone. There is no reason he should have to take it down. Should they take down every piece of art in Europe? No. We all know what the human body looks like. This is ridiculous. I'm on your side David, keep fighting!

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