No Agreement Reached to Avoid Fiscal Cliff, Deadline Looming

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 9:17pm

There are ten days until the fiscal cliff and the signs are not good.

Speaker John Boehner said he is still ready to make a deal with President Obama, but Boehner learned the hard way, he can't count on his own Republicans to accept any tax hikes.

Without objection the house stands adjourned, and Boehner admitted getting a deal on taxes and spending to avoid the fiscal cliff will be difficult.

Boehner was humiliated Thursday night, many of his own Republicans refusing to buy the Speaker's plan to keep tax rates from rising on more than 99% of Americans.

They are refusing it because the plan would hike taxes on income over a million dollars.

Tea Party Republican Tim Heulskamp joined the rebellion.

"I disagree with John Boehner actually caving on taxes. The speaker has been talking about tax increases. that's all he's been talking about," said Heulskamp.

Boehner sounded sympathetic and not worried he could now lose his speakership.

"They weren't taking that out on me. They were dealing with the perception that somebody may accuse them of raising taxes," said Boehner

Barack Obama is still demanding tax hikes on income over $400,000.

Democrats would join in on any Boehner-Obama deal to hike taxes and cut spending. 

A bill could pass to avert the cliff, but there's no sign Boehner will go along.



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