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OJ Simpson heading back to court, expected to testify this week

MGN Online
Monday, May 13, 2013 - 8:20am

O.J. Simpson will be back in court this week, and he is expected to give testimony as he fights for a new trial.

Simpson was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery for leading armed men into a hotel room to try to settle a dispute over sports memorabilia he wanted back.

Simpson was secretly recorded during the confrontation, which became part of the 2008 trial testimony.

Simpson's new lawyers will argue their client was so horribly represented in that kidnapping trial he deserves a new trial and freedom.

"We firmly believe he did not get a fair trial. I think that's going bare out during the hearing. We want the judge to take a fresh look at this. What should have been presented before, what wasn't presented, what was said, what wasn't said," said Defense Attorney Patricia Palms.

Simpson is expected to take the witness stand, this week. 

That is something he never did in the Las Vegas kidnapping trial, or his sensational televised trial in 1995, where he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Other witnesses expected this week are now retired prosecutors in the Las Vegas case and Yale Galanter, Simpson's lead attorney in the kidnap trial and a former ally.

Simpson's new lawyers will argue that Galanter had a conflict of interest, in part, because of business dealings with the football star.

Simpson has been housed at the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada.  His lawyers call him a model inmate.

"It's common in the prison that there are factions that don't get along with each other, and because of his status as a celebrity and his personality, he sometimes mediates between different groups when they're having conflict," said Palms.

Simpson is now hoping his new legal team will spring him from prison for good.


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