Panhandlers beware, a new ordinance is prohibiting the act

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 11:57pm

Beginning Tuesday, panhandlers are prohibited from asking for your money on the streets of El Paso.

The ordinance prohibits anyone from panhandling or selling anything from a median or within 15 feet of a street corners.

That also includes newspaper sales and fundraising efforts.

However, under state law, firefighters are allowed to fundraise on city streets because the money they collect is donated to charity.

Motorists will also be in violation if they buy items or make donations from their cars.


Reader Comments

There's certainly plenty of job available. If the pan handlers spent as much time looking for a job as they do begging for money they'd have a job and better life. I've been homeless in the past but never begged for money and managed just fine.

Not everyone in El Paso agrees with this new ordinance, the fact is that many of the people panhandling suffer from a combination of mental/drug/alcohol abuse coupled with other disabilities.
Also some of the non-profit organizations that help those less fortunate use fundraising methods such as selling candies, bread, and chocolates on the streets to fund their programs, but this new ordinance will put a roadblock to their good intentions.

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