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Panic in East El Paso after custodian reports seeing a gunman on a school campus

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 3:14pm

Panicked parents in East El Paso Friday after a custodian reported seeing a gunman on a school campus.

It all started at around 1:15 Friday afternoon at McArthur Elementary-Intermediate when a custodian reported seeing a suspicious man with a gun run from the school. She called police resulting in both McArthur and Burges High School implementing a lockdown. Meanwhile police searched by air and foot for a "person of interest." Police detained and questioned a man fitting a description, but released him a short time later. They canceled the search and lifted the lock downs by 5:00 Friday evening.

Below is a timeline of the events as they came into the Local4 Newsroom.


5:00 PM: Police have called off search for "person of interest"

4:25 PM: Person in custody not connected with EPISD situation. Man has been released. Police: Person of interest still at large.

4:00 PM: Police confirm one person in custody fitting description of man connected with lockdowns at MacArthur & Burges Schools.

3:55 PM: From YISD: Lockdown has been lifed at Scotsdale Elementary and the area has been cleared by police. Students are being released to their parents.

3:30 PM:
Lockdowns at MacArthur EM and Burges HS have been lifted.

3:20 PM: All that police will tell us at this point is an air and foot pursuit is underway for a black male related to the EPISD situation. Police do say a Custodian reported a suspicious man outside the school had a gun. They have not been able to confirm that.

3:10 PM: Parents picking up students outside of MacArthur

3:00 PM: From Reporter Cathy Hernandez: Students being released at MacArthur. Parents running to school, kids running from school.

2:54 PM: Immanuel Christian School (Pre-K through 12) is on a precautionary lockdown per situation at EPISD

2:46 PM: From YISD's Facebook page: In response to a reported situation in EPISD, Scotsdale Elementary is under precautionary lockdown at this time. Students who ride the bus will follow a normal schedule, and will be escorted to their bus. All other students will be released only to their parents. Students who walk to and from school as well as car riders will remain in the building until parents arrive. Parents will only be admitted through the front entrance.

2:45 PM: EPISD will release MacArthur students at 2:50, Burges students at 3:45 PM

2:40 PM: Dozens of nervous parents standing outside. Helicopter circling over school

2:10 PM: Police at the scene are telling parents it is not confirmed a shooter was near the school.
Reporter Cathy Hernandez: EPISD is saying a custodian at MacArthur saw a suspicious man outside a portable and called 911.

1:55 PM: a facebook fan, Suzanne Suzy Osburn Valencia, posted this on our page: "Sitting here in a front office at Burgess. Scared. Fish in a barrel!"
Police now extending perimeted to the areas blocked off in the neighborhood.

1:45 PM: Per scanners: Police searching for man in his late 40's, 5'2", black scarf. He may be armed with shotgun or rifle.

1:40 PM: A student from Burges High School tells Newschannel 9 the principal came over the intercom to tell teachers "to stop teaching"

Reporter Cathy Hernandez tweeted this picture from the scene. She says parents are waiting outside the schooll to pick up kids.



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