Parish children get baptized on Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 10:43pm

Easter Sunday can mean a lot of things for people.

"Have a barbecue and the kids have an egg hunt," said Yessica Reyes.

Sunday people gathered at our Lady of Guadalupe church for Easter mass.

"Celebrate with my family," said Sky Cervantes.

"The kids made eggs and we've had an Easter egg hunt to celebrate,” said Virginia Cervantes.

No Easter bunnies here, but plenty of kids dressed in white, like ten year-old Sky Cervantes. She's excited because she's also being baptized today

“I'm gonna be a child of God," said Cervantes.

Virginia Cervantes is proud of her daughter Sky because she knows all about the story behind Easter.

"She came to some classes, so she even learned what that means, so it's a special day for us," said Virginia Cervantes.

Father Muñoz weighs in on the true meaning.

"The most important feast for the Christians, because Jesus who died two days ago is risen from the dead, he is still alive and he goes to heaven. We believe we are going with him. It's our hope our faith and the reason for our love," said Muñoz.

“Easter's not for bunnies, it's for Jesus," said parishioner Yessica Rice.

Reyes helped explain to her daughter what Easter really is.

“What happens on Easter,” said Reyes.

Reyes' daughter answers that it's a day for family and God.

“God rises up to heaven," said Rice's daughter.


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