Police: "Beer Run" thefts on the rise in North East El Paso

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 9:37am

"Beer runs" are on the rise in North East El Paso, according to police. They say thieves are taking to local convenience stores and taking off with cases of beer and they've recently experienced a spike in these kinds of thefts.

It may seem like a simple theft but it can quickly escalate into a robbery, police told us Wednesday morning. Police are trying to combat underage drinking which they say could be a reason for these beer runs. Authorities are trying to enforce curfews to prevent this kind of problem from persisting.

We spoke with clerks, as well. They could not speak with us on camera but they told us that most companies will not allow clerks to run after thieves. In fact, police recommend that clerks do not confront suspects because a simple beer theft can turn into an aggravated robbery or worse.

Officers also recommend convenience store owners lock up their alcoholic beverages so they are not easily accessible.

Although most cases of beer are less than $30, one clerk told us all these thefts can add up and can end up costing a store hundreds of dollars a month.

Police could not give us an exact number of how many thefts have occurred.


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