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Police: Suspects broke jar over victim's head, left him for dead

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 9:02pm

EL PASO, TX (KDBC) — An arrest affidavit revealed new details in the city's latest murder.

As NewsChannel 9 reported, Sonia Bautista, Ricardo Macias and Brianna Garay were all charged with capital murder in the death of Jose Castanon.
El Paso Police said the trio went to buy ecstasy pills from Castanon, but started arguing over payment for the drugs. They said all three beat the victim to the ground.

After killing him, the defendants allegedly ransacked the house and took the the drugs. Police said Macias admitted to beating and holding castanon down while Bautista admitted to breaking a jar over Castanon's head.

Detectives say they found Macias after going through Castanon's cell phone. They said Macias then identified Garay and Bautista.


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