Protective orders dropped in city's latest murder

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 8:54pm

The murder of an El Paso mother by her estranged husband is highlighting concern over protective orders.

Annette Hernandez, 35, was found stabbed to death at her home in the 7200 block of Dale Rd.

Charles Morales, 38, was located by police a short time later as the suspect in her stabbing, and the stabbing of Adrian Archuleta, 41. Officers shot and killed Morales after they say he wielded a knife.

Hernandez filed a protective order against Morales three times in 2003, 2012 and 2013.

Each time, her application was withdrawn as a non-suit.

This happens often, according to El Paso County spokesperson Elhui Dominguez.

Of the 1,540 protective orders filed in 2012, nearly a third never were fulfilled, according to Dominguez.

220 applicants withdrew their filing, and 275 others never appeared in court, meaning their applications were then voided.

That may happen more often, when a relationship ends, according to a Center Against Family Violence spokesman.

"Many times people think that once the relationship is over, once they have left this relationship that it is over, that they are finally safe," said spokesman Cesar Campa.

"In actuality, it's really important to know when an individual family leaves that relationship, it's at that point that they are at the greatest risk of physical danger," said Campa.

The relationship between Hernandez and Archuleta is still unknown.


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