Royal baby expected any day now

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 9:34am

The Royal Baby watch is in full swing. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is expected to give birth any day now. As the world waits, many are trying to guess what the future king or queen will look like.

Here's what a geneticist think. Let's start with the baby's hair.  Will it be light like dad or dark like mom? Experts say the baby's hair will likely be on the darker side, since dark genes are dominant.

Then there's eyes, experts say most likely the baby's eyes will be more towards the green side, like mom Catherine, since green is dominant.

As for height, geneticists tell us a new prince could grow as tall as 6 foot 7, a new princess as tall as 6 foot 2.  However keep in mind, science can't predict everything.


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