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Shipping containers materials for new home

Monday, September 2, 2013 - 4:53pm

One local business is taking recycling off the curb and into the home.

Sun City Built is building the first home in El Paso out of shipping containers.

"We're taking a piece of scrap metal out of the industry and turning it into something," said owner Tracy McIntyre.

The three-bedroom, two bathroom home on Fiesta Dr. in El Paso's westside will have traditional windows and doors, but all parts of metal shipping containers will be used towards the construction, said McIntyre.

That includes a separate container as the garage and a container door as the awning.

The idea is not original, McIntyre said, having seen it done in other parts of the world, but he hopes the construction will hopefully save the future resident some money.

"We're doing some things that are going to lend to lower utility bills and lower maintenance costs, and that's one of our priorities here also," he said.

McIntyre could not give NewsChannel 9 an estimate for the cost of the home, but said it will be available for rent at the end of September.


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