Slow down, pay attention for workers’ safety and your own

Friday, April 11, 2014 - 5:28pm

or National Work Zone Awareness Week, Texas Department of Transportation employees gathered in East El Paso to remember Ciro Lozano.

Lozano, 41, was hit by a driver and killed while working on U.S. 54 last June.

“All of us have dreams of seeing our children grow up. Maybe even seeing them get married and even being grandparents,” said Congressman Pete Gallego. “But Mr. Lozano never got to see that. And his kids grow up without a dad, all because of driver inattention. Because someone didn't pay attention in a construction zone.”

Lozano was one over 300 people injured or killed in a work zone in 2013 in El Paso. He was one of 9,000 in Texas.

For Lozano’s family and coworkers, the ceremony was emotional.

“It brought back the actual incident, the actual day that it happened. Especially seeing his family here, his kids, that’s what make it really hard,” said Hector Granados, maintenance section supervisor with TxDOT.

National Work Zone Awareness week highlights the need for drivers to be cautious, for the workers’ safety as well as their own. Bob Bielek, district engineer with TxDOT said most of the injuries or deaths in work zones are drivers.

“Pay attention, recognize that patterns, flow patterns. What you may have experienced before in going through that particular work zone could well have changed from yesterday or last week,” Bielek said.

In august 2013, the state's Move Over/Slow Down law was extended to include TxDOT vehicles, in addition to law enforcement and emergency vehicles.


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