Southern NM Fair closes for the season

Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 10:57pm

Thousands of people visited the Southern New Mexico State Fair in Las Cruces and organizers believe the spike in attendance may be because of some new attractions.

Brave fairgoers were just inches away from real live sharks! Organizers said it's attractions like these that helped funnel people into the fair.
They estimated 35,000 people enjoyed the rides, ate the food and played games in Las Cruces and that number may be higher than previous years.

“The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Everything held out. We had good crowds every day. Now that we're winding down; it's been a heck of a week,” Mark Halvorsen, the President of the Southern NM Fair & Rodeo told us.

The fair opened on Wednesday... And organizers said they're already gearing up for next year's fair.


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