Store mannequins equipped with facial recognition software

Monday, December 24, 2012 - 6:08pm

If you ever had the feeling you are being watched in a department store, it may be the mannequins that are watching.

Some new mannequins can actually see shoppers with a camera placed right behind one of its eyes. The technology relies on facial recognition software.
The Eyesee tracks what people buy, how long they linger, if they have ever been in the store before.

So far only a few dozen have been sold in stores in Europe and the U.S. but the orders keep coming in, even though there is some skepticism on the street stores are already using them.

"I think it's kind of creepy," one shopper said. "I don't the idea of that at all. It seems a bit like big brother."

There is a possible privacy issue with the seeing mannequins. The U.S. and Europe make retailers post signs if they are filming customers. But once those signs are up, the cameras could be anywhere.

The company wouldn't reveal what stores are already using them.


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