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Stores open 'round the clock for last-minute shoppers

Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 9:13pm

Last minute shoppers, rejoice! Some stores throughout the borderland will feature extended store hours.

Some will even stay open around the clock! Stores like Kohls and Toys ‘R Us will keep their doors open 24 hours until Christmas eve. Others, like target, will have extended hours. We caught up with El Pasoans who say this helps them check off the rest of the people on their list. But many are not looking forward to the crowds.

“Yes, no, I'm not looking forward to it [crowded shopping areas] at all,” Albert Molinar of Kern Place told us.

"I'm just going to attack whatever comes in and whatever I find I'm going to grab it. 'Cause I can always return it,” Nellie Rodriguez of the Lower Valley explained.

If you want to knock out a few more people on your list... Macy's will also stay open until 2 a-m.


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