Gamers gear up for 'Grand Theft Auto V'

When players get their hands on "Grand Theft Auto V" on Tuesday, the gaming world will get another titillating dose of the sex and violence that has come to define the series in the eyes of millions -- many of whom have never played i

Wal-Mart slashes iPhone 5 and iPad prices

IPhone discounts are typical this time of year, but Wal-Mart's will be tough to beat.

'Long-Lived Power' could extend life for battlefield sensors

"Long-Lived Power" sounds like it could be an energy revolution, a revolutionary of sorts within the family of far-reaching energy solutions for the battlefield -- because it uses radioisotopes.

BlackBerry launches iPhone and Android security platform

After losing the smartphone market to Apple and Google a few years ago, BlackBerry is looking to keep some skin in the game.

Fitness tracking gadgets go to the dogs

What is your dog doing right now? Is he taking a nap? Furiously digging a hole in your garden? Watching "Ellen" and nibbling on a throw pillow?

Researchers: We can hack an iPhone through the charger

Apple devices, from Macs to iPhones, have always been able to boast of advanced safety from viruses, spam and the like. Now, apparently, not even your phone charger is safe.

Google knows which of your photos are best

Google is working hard to make you love Google+, its growing but still often-overlooked social network.

Millions use social media to welcome Pope Francis

  As 150,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to cheer the election of the new pope, millions joined in Wednesday on Twitter and Facebook.

Power Restored After Outage Knocks KDBC, Radio Stations Off Air

EL PASO - Power restored at 11:36 a.m. after an outage just before 10:00 a.m. knocked out KDBC, our sister station KTSM, and several local radio stations off of the air.

Local Inventors Develop Unique Car Jack

EL PASO - Local inventors of the Traction Jack are hoping their versatile car jack will be made available to more people.

Honda to Recall Nearly 1 Million Vehicles

TOKYO-- Honda is planning on recalling nearly one million vehicles worldwide. 960,000 Fit subcompacts and other models will be recalled to repair defects-- including problems with power window switches. 

Need to Add Time to Your Parking Meter? There's an App for That.

Indianapolis, Indiana-- Need to add more time to your meter? There could soon be an app for that. A new smartphone app could make it easier to pay for meter parking -- for the lucky people in one area of Indianapolis.

GOOGLE to Digitize Quarter of a Million Books from British Library

LONDON— Google can add one more thing under their belt— or should it be, library.

Technology: Sleek Electrically-Run "Bus" Makes its Debut in the Netherlands

KATWIJK, NETHERLANDS— Want to ride a super sleek “bus” that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie? Some people just may get that chance.

NASA's Mars Rover Goes Silent After Getting Stuck in Sand Trap

NASA— One of NASA's Mars Rovers is no longer responding, and NASA is thinking about calling it quits and leaving it in the sandy bed.