Facebook turns 10 years-old

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 4:00am

IN 2004, the Internet was a different place. No YouTube, no Twitter and fast growing , MySpace was just a year old, but February 4, 2004 saw the launch of the company that would go on to dominate the social web. Laurie Segall takes a look at Facebook as the company prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerberg, "I just spent the last week in a relationship with a girl who I broke up with a week before."

Chris Hughes, "She knows it's complicated, you know it's complicated. It's complicated."

That would be Mark Zuckerberg in 2005 with his then colleague Chris Hughes, talking about his relationship status.

Chris Hughes, "Did you get my email about the relationship status thing? Yeah I figured I'd talk to you about it when you actually got here. I think that's a good idea. If you break up with someone, it's sort of *BLEEP*  to go back to single. Or if you're actually in a relationship where you're hooking up with someone, ya know?"

The origin of the "It's complicated" relationship status, but Facebook's origin, started with Mark Zuckerberg, and this week, the company turns 10.

Mark Zuckerberg, "One of my friends got a computer. And I just thought it was the coolest thing so I just begged my mom for so long to get me a computer."

The investment paid off, Zucherberg's idea for a social network went viral, alongside a close group of his college buddies and the Harvard students camped out at the Silicon Valley house in the summer of 2004.

Bret Taylor, "Things I personally worked on, I'm probably most well known for working on the like button.... I think the discussions, you'd be surprised at how involved they were for for a one-word link on a page. One of the big decisions we made was that there would only be a like button, not a dislike button."

Bret Taylor was CTO from 2009 to 2012, "I had just arrived when the company was making the transition from their original offices downtown.... And so I think they had gone through a big cultural transition there."

From this office, to this campus and like the company he started, Zuckerberg today is all grown up.

Mark Zuckerberg, "I think it's one of the biggest problems of my generation to get everyone in the world to have Internet access."

From a small startup to a public company and 1.2 billion users. Like the relationship status, Zuckerberg's company had a complicated relationship with the public market

Mark Zuckerberg, "Well the stock is obviously disappointing."

But the founder has invested in a mobile first mentality and a couple of years later, Wall Street is pleased.

Now Mark, is taking on politics with  his old roommate at Harvard, Joe Green, starting the advocacy group FWD.us to push for immigration reform.

We'll see where another ten years takes the company.


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