Teen heads to state competition

Boys and Girls Club member "Youth of the Year" state nominee

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 10:49pm

A lot has changed for Cesar Frutos, 16, in the last 4 years.  He used to self proclaimed trouble maker.  Name calling, fighting and general rule breaking were all everyday activities when Frutos first moved from Juarez to El Paso when he was 12.

He didn't speak English and was having trouble making friends.

"The problem was that I was a trouble maker and my dad had to find somewhere to keep me from doing trouble," Frutos said.

So his father sent him to the Boys and Girls Club on South Florence.  They let him play games, helped him with homework and made some minor attitude adjustments.

"Telling me my manners and telling me how to behave," Frutos said.  "They're basically putting an eye on me so I won't do all that trouble".'

This teen's story is more serious than just fights and name calling.

"They killed my sisters boyfriend and my neighbor. That's why we kind of got scared".

His neighbor and then his sister's boyfriend were both killed during the violence in Juarez.  His family tried to move to El Paso.  But not everyone could make the move.  Fruto's mother and sisters had to stay behind.

"It's been very hard to live without my mom simply because I had to do the chores she used to do, I had to be the mom in my family".

The Boys and Girls Club has changed Fruto's life.  He's become a role model for his younger nephews and the other kids at the club.

He won "Youth of the Year for El Paso, West Texas and now moves onto the state competition.  It's April 8th in Austin.


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