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Tips to help fight winter allergies

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 8:48pm

The Borderland is expecting colder temperatures and wind later this week, which certainly won't help people suffering from allergies.

The most common type of allergy during the winter time is triggered by mold.

During the monsoon in El Paso, when homes get flooded and furniture gets wet, mold can grow in carpets, vents, or decaying plants.

It takes much longer for those things to dry as temperatures get colder, and the extra moisture only makes mold worse.

Doctors recommend you take simple steps to keep your home mold-free, and protect yourself from allergies during the winter time.

When showering or cooking, turn on exhaust fans to get rid of extra moisture indoors.

Look around your home for areas that could be vulnerable to mold.

Spray your Christmas tree and its decorations with a garden hose to get rid of any dust that may have built up.

Wash your hands after playing with your pets, and change the water and filters in your humidifiers to prevent mold or other bacteria from growing or spreading.

One local doctor says these tips can be helpful year-round because allergies are always a problem in El Paso.

"It just depends what type of patient you are - whether you suffer more from summer allergies, than from winter allergies. That's where going to your allergist is going to come in handy and he can help you decide or decipher what are your allergen triggers," said Dr. Andres Enriquez, MD with the Franklin Medical Center.

If you've got outdoor plants, make sure you clean out your garden as it gets colder, and throw away dead plants and clean out their pots so other bacteria doesn't start to grow.

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