The U.S. may have a new threat to worry about

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 8:40am

There's a new terrorist that's caught the attention of U.S. officials.

He's only 31 years-old, but he's a major player within Al Qaeda.

Some analysts believe he poses a clear danger to the United States.

His name is Ibrahim Al-Asiri, master bomb-maker for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Western intelligence officials say Al-Asiri was behind the foiled 2009 'underwear-bomb' plot to bring down an airliner approaching Detroit on Christmas day.

Last year, U.S. officials say he was behind another failed attempt just like it on a commercial plane bound for the U.S.

The head of the TSA called it a "next-gen" device.

TSA Administrator, John Pistole, said, "It was a new type of explosive that we had never seen in either attempts in the U.S. or around the world by terrorists. So all of our explosive-detection equipment which screens over a million checked bags every day just in the U.S. wasn't calibrated to detect that."

It's not certain if Al-Asiri's new bombs would be able to pass undetected through TSA body scanners.

The TSA only says it has a multi-layered strategy to detect explosives including what it calls the best imaging technology.


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