USC Player Slams Sun Bowl Matchup, El Paso; Apologizes Later

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 8:53pm

A Senior University of Southern California linebacker tweeted his displeasure with the pre-season number 1 team's selection for the annual Hyundai Sun Bowl against Georgia Tech.
Tony Burnett says "El Paso: "If you've ever seen a real life giant tumbleweed get ready." He wasn't happy with the matchup either, "Georgia Tech!? El Paso, Texas!? New Years Eve!? FML."

He also replied to several angry tweets, "for all you angry El Paso people. I rather play sooner than late. I don't really care about the city” and, "I've been to El Paso no one wants to be there New Year's Eve." 
Burnett goes by Benjamin S. Button on his account labeled @nocutz. Burnett shut down his account shortly after his tweets gained attention in El Paso.
He is a Senior Linebacker from Watts, California for the 7-5 Trojans. Burnett, also a member of USC's track team, served time as a backup cornerback and played on special teams as a senior this year.
After his account was shut down for about an hour, Burnett apologized for the tweets, "Earlier today I made some tweets I regret. To the city of El Paso and representatives of the Hyundai Sun Bowl, I apologize for my remarks."



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Another example of the PC mentality ruining this country. He should not have apologized! For what! Telling the truth?! He's right! Quickest way to tick someone off is to simply tell it like it is. As with all the people attacking him...he too has a right to his opinion. I'd rather hear someone say what they feel than listen to some insincere, measured, meek comments designed to not offend anyone.

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