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UTEP to Sell Alcohol at Football Games

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 10:39pm

The University of Texas at El Paso made a big decision today,  they'll start serving alcohol at sporting events like basketball and football games.

It's pretty common across the country to sell beer at NCAA events and now at least on a trial basis UTEP will join the crowd. It comes just in time for this Saturday's homecoming game against Tulane.

It's been debated for half a century, according to UTEP officials and today at a press conference,  they announced beer will be sold at UTEP football and basketball games.

"Obviously this is a new experience in that it is a football game but it is not a new experience in that we've done this before," said a UTEP official at a press conference. 

Officials stressed they've sold alcohol at the Sun Bowl for concerts and other events for years and they've always sold it at the Don Haskins Center.

gustavo dominguez
"I think its a smart move for UTEP because they want to improve their revenue but on the other hand but i think a lot of people aren't going to like it because some people feel UTEP is more of a family environment," said Gustavo Dominguez, a UTEP student.

Some UTEP fans who aren't students say the sales could help with the mess after games, put people in the seats, and maybe bring in money for school improvements

 "Rather than people being rude about it and sneaking it in and kicking the cans here and there, they'll actually be able to have more people come into the game rather than sit in the parking lot and getting drunk all night or all day," said Miner fan, Randy Beckett.
"They can come in and enjoy the game and they'll make more money off the tickets sales and they'll make more money off the alcohol sales."

Some say, this is a bad idea.

"Beer sales should not be allowed because people in this town do not drink responsibly, i see it all the time," said Everett Probst, Jr.

Reaction seems mixed, but we'll all just have to wait until after Saturday's homecoming game against Tulane and see what unfolds.

UTEP officials will take into consideration how this game goes, as well as other games for the rest of the season and re-evaluate to see if they'll keep the policy around.


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