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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am

Volunteers joined forces to clean up trash in Socorro

Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 5:55pm

Illegal trash dumping continues to be a problem in many privately owned lots throughout the county. But a group of volunteers is stepping up to change that.

It was a busy day for the World Mission Society Church group in Socorro. Little by little the pile of trash, debris tires and old furniture grew larger.

"It's surprising there's a lot of trash, there's couches everywhere, broken beds things are scattered all over the place so this place has really had a lot of overgrowth." Volunteer Keith Sherwin said.

This is only one of many areas in the county that have problems because of improper trash disposal. Socorro City Manager Willie Norfleet said the community should be aware of consequences and environmental damages.

"We have various spots that have just been loosely managed and secluded where people have taken advantage of dumping or allowing something to get in this particular shape," Norfleet said.

And fixing these areas can be difficult without volunteer's help, according to Norfleet some of these have been with trash for years because city workers can't go into private properties.

"Coming out and making an effort trying to relieve us of this environmental problem or unsightliness is a plus that we are looking out so it's really a balance," Norfleet added.

But for the group of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church in Northeast El Paso the objective goes beyond cleaning up.

"We expect the city or the government to help out but we don't put our part so I believe through this we can put or part and even more help others sharing that with everyone can come together and doing the work that we should all be doing," volunteer Uriel Acuña.

The group of volunteers said they will continue cleaning up other areas in the future. Authorities are also encouraging residents to report any illegal dumping.


Reader Comments

It is really hard to do like cleaning up other areas where I do not live
But the group of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church did that work
All of us should appreciate their helping and we all follow their work

God bless you~ God remember your effort and sacrifice for his glory. We do this with Mother's mind.



easy to know but difficult to conduct "cleanup"
but wmscog member joined with a warmful mind.

Nowadays, we face to environment problem because of global warming
We have to love our earth !!
So, Somebody have to take the lead and courage

The power of volunteer activities of WMSCOG is so amazing. Bcuz they are practicing the teachigns of God who gives us love and blessings. They can make the more beautiful work by doing the will of God. We can be happy in the love of God.

It is very good deeds for neighbors to share the love of God with many people in the world through the this cleanup campaign.

i want to join the cleanup campaign too. :)

so proud of being in church of God ,committing outstanding work 4 our neighbors to reavel the glory of Elohim God

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