Want to eat less during the holiday season? Try using a red plate

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Monday, December 2, 2013 - 12:43pm

We've gone from turkey and stuffing to Christmas cookies and egg nog and candy canes! So how about a tip that might come in handy especially during this season? There's a new study out of Italy that says eating your holiday goodies on a red plate might cause you to eat less of it. The jury's still out on that one and more research to be done, but it may be worth a try at a buffet in the series of holiday parties this month.

Want more tips: First, make sure you eat your vegetables along with everything else. They'll help you fill up on fiber so you might put down the pie. Next, if you know you're hitting the town in the evening, plan the rest of what you eat that day around it cutting back a little bit during breakfast and lunch.

Of course we all know adult beverages are the key to many holiday office parties, but experts say have a glass of water before each drink, and you'll be in better shape. And try not to go back for seconds.

Lastly it may be hard to sneak off the gym when you're running around, trying to hit the town for parties, and plan your family's christmas, but experts still say to try to get in a few workouts each week to counteract the effects of all those cookies.


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