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Weather impacts local businesses

Friday, January 4, 2013 - 7:40pm

The record snow and harsh conditions has impacted local business.

Maynard Haddad keeps his business H&H car wash open during the cold and snowy conditions, even if no one needs a car wash.

"It affects it because we don't have any but we'll be here when its not snowing to take care of great customers," said Haddad.

He is surprised not everyone follows suit.

"I went to the bank yesterday to make a deposit. It's a big business, they're closed, now what the heck is going on folks," said Haddad.

H&H has one thing most car washes don't that keeps them open: H&H restaurant.

"We always come here on Fridays my wife and I for lunch, and curiously enough we've never had our car washed here. We only come for the food," said H&H customer James Schutte.

Despite the lack of car wash customers, Haddad is not worried.

"Come Monday we should be very very busy,” said Haddad.

Car washes might not be getting much business but surely the local coffee shop is right?

"Yeah they do more business I believe because people wanna get warm and come inside and stay warm,” said Kinley's House Coffee and Tea customer, Daniela Quintana.

Adam Bacon, the inventory manager at Kinley's House Coffee and Tea on the Westside says that's not so. The bad road conditions keep people from coming in.

"Some of us get sent home because the lack of work and just it hurts business overall which just hurts us," said Bacon.

Usually when it's cold outside, Kinley's is slammed.

"Sit inside, drink coffee, stay with friends. Just chill," said Quintana.

The weather did not keep some customers from coming in.

"They enjoy some of our food that we have like our noodle bowls. They enjoy any of our hot drinks and it just gives you somewhere warm to stay," said Bacon.

In the toughest of times or the harshest of weather, small businesses in the borderland rely on their reputation.

"We're just grateful because of the people that have been our customers for years," said Haddad.

Both business owners say that though these snow events are rare for El Paso, they have experienced them before and are confident business will be back on track very soon.


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