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Woman Arrested After Shoplifting at Kohl's, Radio Shack Stores in Las Cruces

LAS CRUCES-- A woman has been arrested after Las Cruces police said she is suspected of stealing items from two retail businesses within the past month. 

Croaking Frogs Sound Like String Instruments Being Plucked... Everything is Music, Right?

Qianjiang, Chongqing City, China-- They say that everything is music. Even silence. But these croaking frogs take it to another level.

Las Cruces Woman Injured After Man Slams into Her Passenger Side Door With Truck

LAS CRUCES-- A Las Cruces man is facing criminal charges after he drove into the passenger-side doors of another vehicle -- slamming a door shut on a passenger.

Pregnant Woman Climbs Through Ceiling of Race Track Casino, Is Caught After Crashing Through

PHOENIX-- A pregnant woman now faces burglary charges after she climbed through the ceiling of a casino trying to rob the place.

EPCSO: Teen Wanted on Aggravated Assault Charges

EL PASO-- A teen is wanted on aggravated assault charges after the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said he attacked a man in far East El Paso.

Snakes---Er, We Mean Scorpions on A Plane Leave One Man Stung

PORTLAND, OREGON-- Forget about the snakes, now there are scorpions on a plane. Jeff Ellis, of West Linn, Oregon, was stung by a scorpion on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage, two weeks ago.

Same Mysterious Lights Seen in El Paso in October Spotted Elsewhere

LAFAYETTE, CO— Remember those odd lights that appeared in the night sky in El Paso late last year? Similar lights appeared in Lafayette, CO., last week.

Mexico Votes to Take Adultery Off of Its List of Criminal Offenses

MEXICO CITY— Adulterers, relax. Mexico will no longer find adultery illegal. But some states will.

NGC Creates Real-Life "UP" House, Lifts Home With 300 Balloons

CALIFORNIA— The National Geographic Channel has taken Pixar's animated film “UP” to the test, and created a real-life version of the floating home— balloons and all.

Real Life X-Man? Serbian Boy is a Human Magnet

BELGRADE, SERBIA— Stan Lee may want to recruit a young Serbian boy for his X-Men series after the boy seems to be a human magnet.

Smoked Out: Connecticut Man in Jail After Calling 911 To Ask How To Grow Pot

CONNECTICUT— They say there is no such thing as a stupid question, but one Connecticut man has landed himself in jail for asking a dispatcher the wrong question.

Caught on Tape: Man Gets in Fight With Officer During High School Basketball Game

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— One parent has been arrested and his daughter has been suspended after the two got in a brawl with police at a high school basketball game.

Another Gorilla Walks Around on Two Legs

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA— A gorilla in Sydney is walking on its hind two legs, this a day after a gorilla in the United Kingdom became an internet sensation on Thursday.

Evolution? Gorilla in United Kingdom Walks On Two Hind Legs

KENT, UNITED KINGDOM— As if humans needed more evidence to suggest they might have evolved from gorillas, a gorilla in the United Kingdom walks on only two feet.

Church Decorated With About 40,000 Human Skulls, Bones Sinking Into Ground

SEDLEC, CZECH REPUBLIC— A church in the Czech Republic whose interior is designed with actual human skulls and bones is sinking into the ground.