Why are pregnant women more likely to be involved in a car crash?

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Monday, May 19, 2014 - 10:44am

This is a pretty serious red flag out there for pregnant women. A new study found that women who are expecting a baby are at an increased risk of car crashes and it's at a specific time during their pregnancy. This new study, published in the Canadian Medical Journal was done by researchers in Ontario, Canada, who looked at every child born in Ontario over a five-year period.

They found that women have more car crashes when they are expecting than in the years before or after pregnancy. And the results showed that there is extra risk during a woman's second trimester. They found a whopping 42-percent increase in life-threatening car accidents during this time. The researchers believe this can be explained, because pregnant women are more likely to be affected by stress, nausea and fatigue -- all which might contribute to the accidents. And certainly any number of those symptoms would be distraction while you're driving -- something that is important for moms-to-be to be aware of, especially when they are behind the wheel and not feeling well.


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