Zoe Saldana responds to weight-y controversy

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 11:42pm

Not everyone would be OK with their body weight being displayed on the cover of a national magazine, but Zoe Saldana doesn't mind.

The 34-year-old covers the June issue of Allure magazine, which not only reveals a little skin but also the star's weight with the headline: "115 pounds of Grit and Heartache."

Some saw the mention of Saldana's size as unnecessary and a poor decision, causing a healthy amount of chatter that Allure responded to on its Facebook page.

Allure: Zoe Saldana's photo shoot

"There's been some talk around the blogosphere about the cover line for our story about Zoë Saldana," the magazine said. "The girl is a powerhouse. And we were so impressed by what a tough, confident woman Saldana is (on-screen, in her action-movie roles, and off) that we wanted to capture that."

Saldana herself has said that she doesn't take offense.

"I think that it would've been wrong if they were lying about my weight," the actress told "Today's" Savannah Guthrie Thursday. "This is how much I weigh, it's something I can't control, it's who I am. I've always had a very thin frame, I was a ballet dancer. ... I don't think it was to make an issue of my weight, I think it was to talk about that, for a lightweight person, I seem to be really strong-minded."


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